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With more than two decades of experience, Big Dog Strategies is a national political consulting firm that delivers winning campaign guidance, award-winning creative and data-driven strategic solutions for clients at the local, state, and national level. 


Our approach to victory is simple, yet proven: message, manage, and mobilize. By providing personalized and experienced campaign leadership, along with cutting-edge direct mail technology, compelling copy, and bold creative designs, we will ensure that your message cuts through the static to put you in the best possible position to win your election.


Our commitment to you: Always original. Never cookie cutter.


Big Dog Strategies has worked at every level of politics, from presidential races to town board races.  Our approach is always the same - develop the best message and strategy for our clients, manage their funds like they are our own, and invest every possible dime in talking directly to voters to persuade them to support your candidacy by Election Day.

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