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Christine Newman is the Creative Director at Big Dog Strategies. She joined Big Dog Strategies in 2017 with over 20 years of experience in the industry and ran a successful freelance design business with a strong focus on political direct mail.

Christine is an integral part of the mail strategy development and oversees the creative process from start to finish. She has created award-winning direct mail and collateral for some of the biggest names in Republican politics, from President to members of Congress.

In 2022, her creative gained national recognition from her peers, winning more industry awards than any other Republican operative in the country. These awards included Best Mail Piece For A Republican Congressional Campaign, Best Mail Piece For A Republican Senate Campaign, Best Mail Piece For A Republican Gubernatorial Campaign, and Best Mail Piece For A Republican Independent Expenditure Campaign, among others.

Christine’s expertise is in print and digital design, as well as extensive experience in photography, branding, logo development, and website creation. She uses this powerhouse skill set to execute the creative vision of Big Dog and its clients’ campaigns.

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